Smart Content - Gather Data

Automate as much as possible

Once smart content is defined, it needs data to run. Avoiding unnecessary steps during this stage can save you time over and over.

Some automation is done during setup, where your forms are prepared automatically. Some automation occurs during data entry, to gracefully handle updates and skip manual entry if possible.

Data entry form showing required and used fields filter menu

Auto-generated forms

One form is automatically generated for each data setup file imported into your templates.

The form controls all reflect the most recent field properties.

A filter is provided to only show required and used fields. This is useful for large numbers of fields.

Auto upgrading

Change happens. The fields you want to work with will grow in number and adapt over time.

Tag looks for changes when opening data files. If any is found, the user can auto upgrade or choose not to open.

If files are not upgraded, they can still be used to run reports or get converted into another format.

Drop down list values and form preview (inlayed)
Form preview showing all form control types

Auto fill (import data)

Sometimes data comes from somewhere else, and you don't want to retype it all into forms. That's what auto fill is for.

Auto fill maps CSV columns to data fields in the form. Mapping is done visually using arrows between clickable labels.

Mappings are used to copy data from a row in the CSV. They can be used once, or attached to your templates for regular use.