Smart Content - Big EASY Buttons

This is where it gets fun!

The Generate page is where you get paid back in time savings for creating smart content.

It allows you to generate *.docx word processing files based on data entered in the attached forms.

You can also export data files as CSV, or export SEO data to inform search engines.

Magic Wand

The Magic Wand tool, on the Forms Generate page, triggers all processing needed to generate a file.

When it runs, you know it will be free of all (known) typos and will faithfully execute the instructions you have given it.

The more it runs, the more time you will save. Think about what other word processing documents you can automate.

Magic wand tool on the Forms Generate page
CSV export menu on the Forms Generate page

Export as CSV

Data gathered using forms can be used for more than just content automation. It can also be exported as CSV for use in other systems.

This is particularly useful when you have multiple data files for the same report, and would like to analyze them together.

Just copy them to a folder (if needed), let the export wizard scan for files, then save a CSV with one row for each data document.

Export as SEO data

Another way to use data is to generate SEO scripts which are used by search engines and social networks.

This involves picking a vocabulary ( or Open Graph), deciding on which fields, entering data and exporting a script.

Benefits include better presentation in search results, and improved linking to your website from social network ads and posts. See What is SEO for more info.

SEO script export menu on the Forms Generate page