Smart Content - Describe Your Data

It all starts with data

Smart content provides a powerful way to merge content, logic and data. Data is the fuel, and defining data is easier than you might think.

Data is defined using fields. Fields have properties like name, label and form control.

You only need to choose names for your fields, everything else is optional or taken care of by Tag.

Fields and properties

Fields can be added, removed and reordered in the data tree.

Field names are used in expressions. Labels are optionally used in forms.

Form control provides a hint about data type and makes forms easier to use.

Setup screen with Form control menu open
Form preview showing all form control types

Form preview

Forms are automatically generated using fields and properties. Once you've named your fields, you can start entering data.

Form preview lets you take a quick peek at what the form will look like.

Different form controls appear according to what has been specified for each field.

More options

Sections in the form (shown above) are collapsible and automatically generated for groups of fields.

Dropdown list form controls make custom pick lists. Enter values during setup that appear in the form (inlayed).

Common definitions can be reused with predefined fields. Define once, and reference as many times as needed.

Drop down list values and form preview (inlayed)