It's a fast-changing world

These words have never been truer, especially when you consider the urgent push to remote work and the implications of ever-improving AI (Artificial Intelligence).

How can individuals and teams respond?

What's the deal?

Tag is free when you use the Community subscription. Most features are available, but there is a usage limit of 3 document generations to a file per month.

Paid subscriptions get unlimited document generations to a file. So do new users during their free trial.

If you only use SEO features, or generate documents infrequently, you can continue to use Tag for free.

How to learn more

There is lots of helpful content on the Support page.

Don't have time to learn?

No problem. We can convert your static text into smart content at reasonable rates. You'll get back a nice EASY button, and the ability to make wording changes immediately.

Contact us to find out more.

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