Public resources compatible with Knowledge Graphs

In many industries there are shared models that are important for day-to-day work. In a growing number of cases, these models are being formalized as ontologies and other formats that are compatible with knowledge graphs. Other large models are focused on a more global view of knowledge.

Some examples of notable public graphs/models are listed below. Follow this link to more information about using knowledge graphs in Tag.

General business use

Web search and online commerce Knowledge graph that organizes much of the world as a browser sees it - see the Samples page for more
Google knowledge graph Powerful tool, but you need to know what you're looking for


Wikipedia knowledge graphs
DBpedia Curated graphs representing knowledge extracted from Wikipedia
Wikidata Central storage for structured data used in Wikipedia and other sites
YAGO knowledge base
YAGO Large knowledge base about people, cities, countries, movies and organizations

BabelNet Collection of synonyms and translations in various languages
GeoNames Global geographical database containing over eleven million placenames
MusicBrainz Open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata
Provenance metadata
PROV Describing the origins of digital assets

Data mining

KDnuggets open source knowledge graphs
KDnuggets Great list of public datasets for data mining
Linked open data cloud
LOD Cloud Largest knowledge graph collective on the planet, by far


FIBO Things of interest in financial applications
FRO Regulatory compliance
FHIR Electronic health records
ICD-10-CM International Classification of Diseases
RxNorm Clinical drugs
SNOMED Clinical terminology
OGMS Ontology for General Medical Science
MedDRA Data entry, retrieval, analysis and display
CPT Current Procedural Terminology
LKIF Commonsense-based legal ontology
IRO Insurance regulatory reporting

There are many other examples. Useful models don't have to be in a specific format, as long as they are well organized.

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